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"to serve, inspire, and bring value everyday"

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

If you are in need of a facility service company that can make your property look and feel "visit ready", you've come to the right place

Total Facility Solutions, Inc. can help you:

Make everything MERRY & BRIGHT through our janitorial division

Let us Install & maintain your MISTLETOE & HOLLY through our landscape division

Help you find out who's been NAUGHTY OR NICE through our security division

Sweep your  lots CAUSE BABY THERE'S DIRT OUTSIDE! through our sweeping division

SLEEP IN HEAVENLY PEACE  knowing our facility maintenance division has you covered

TFS is a forward-thinking, full facility service company that helps our customers eliminate the redundancies and complications found in juggling with multiple service providers.

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Below are some projects, ideas and general pictures for your review.