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About us

TFS was founded in 2011, as an idea to provide customers with a full facility service concept. Backed by over 25 years of industry experience, TFS slowly began growing from having 2 small accounts and 3 employees, to having a presence in every city in the South Florida tri-county area, and employing over 200 employees at one time. 

TFS has undergone many changes since its conception in 2011, but still operates its business with its same core values: a small local facility service company with an environmentally-conscious mindset and a strong desire to bring value to our customers.

"Total Facility Solutions: Delivering the solid business support and expertise of a large facility service company with the care and sense of urgency of a small one".

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 When founded in 2011, our mission statement read: 


To Provide Facility Support Services To Our Customers In The Most Professional And Timely Manner Possible By Instilling A “Customer First” Mindset To Every Employee Through Constant Training And Quality Control Measures.


Today our mission is simple and more direct to the core of our business principles:

"to serve, inspire, and bring value everyday"

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