Our Company's History

Written by: Sergio Perez

President | Total Facility Solutions, Inc.

Incorporated in 2011, TFS began as a means of making a living and providing for my family. After 25 years in the business and working for such companies as ISS, Building One and ABM, I felt it was time to put what I had learned into something I could truly be proud of. 

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Since the company has been organically grown, its beginnings where very humble. With a crew of 3 and an old GMC cargo van, we where blessed to be given the opportunity to prove ourselves and service 2 small local commercial buildings in Miami.

Shortly after picking up our 4th customer, TFS opened its doors in Doral, and began operating out of a 1,400 square foot office/warehouse. 


It wasn't very long before we outgrew our small but cozy offices, and moved into a nearby place that provided us with better parking and more room for further growth.

The years that followed have brought on many successes, challenges and opportunities. Experiences that have all contributed to the company that TFS is today. Many people have passed through our doors and made themselves part of our TFS family. Some have stayed for a short while, others are still with us today. Whatever each person's case is  or has been, I remain eternally grateful for each of their positive contributions and efforts. 


It would be unrealistic to suggest that in our nearly 10 years of business, we have not hit some bumps along the road. The reality is that few small, organically-grown business in our industry, can say that it's been nothing but smooth sailings. 

All bumps in life are intended to teach us and if received properly, make us stronger personally & professionally.

I remain thankful for all tribulations our company has had to endure, not just for our successes.

I am thankful for those customers who we no longer do business with but gave us the opportunity to be of service.

I am thankful to those who have made TFS their home at some point.

But mainly, I am thankful for everyone: customers, employees and industry friends who have helped make TFS possible.

May God continue to Bless TFS!

Our Mission:

"to serve, inspire, and bring value everyday"

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